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Paint grade wood types explained:

Finishing process:

Conversion Varnish based paints and stains are now available for purchase!

This is an optional addition to your cabinet purchase. For an extra charge, Barker Cabinets will spray the doors, drawer fronts, drawer boxes, and face of the cabinet with a Conversion Varnish based paint or stain. We offer a CLEARCOAT (natural finish), TAMARACK (medium stain), and two shades of white paint including a DOVER white, and a PURE white paint. Conversion Varnish is one of the most durable finishes available in the woodworking industry. Our formula is an industrial finish that provides the smoothest and most consistent texture, while providing the best in terms of durability and longevity for your cabinet project. Conversion Varnish is a great way to enhance/speed up your cabinet project with a furniture grade high end finish. Here are a few attributes to consider:

  • Conversion Varnish minimizes yellowing often found with lacquer based finishes
  • it is very durable and will stand up to moisture well in the harshest environments
  • it will not chip or gum up like latex based paints or lacquer based stains
  • smooth even texture with satin sheen finish
  • scratch resistant and easy to clean
  • furniture grade quality
Technical Specs
  • 16 to 24 hours heated cure time
  • 2 coats sealer or primer, and 2 coats Conversion Varnish top coat stain/paint creates superior bonding to wood surface
  • Hand sprayed and closely monitored for perfection
spayed finish

Edge Banding:

The front edge of the cabinet case is edge banded with a sheen and color matched wood. Our edge banding is hot glued in place using an industrial edgebander. Hot glued edge banding eliminates peeling and adds durability to our cabinet line.

*Real wood edge banding is used on cabinets that are ordered in raw wood, CLEARCOAT, ESPRESSO, and TAMARACK.

*Color and sheen matched PVC edge banding is used for cabinets ordered with PURE WHITE, DOVER WHITE, and GREY COLORS. PVC has tested to be stronger and more durable than real wood edge banding while matching up closely to our finishes.

Wikipedia analysis of the clear conversion varnish based finishes