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*Currently Barker Cabinets does not offer cabinet layout services. We have provided step by step tutorials on how to layout your project shown in the tutorials below. Follow along or use your own design software to create your layout.

3 rules of cabinet layout - CABINET LAYOUT IS VERY SIMPLE - follow these rules and you will be fine

1. Finished ends should be applied to the end of the cabinet run when visible. Finished ends are used to cover screw holes and screw heads on the exposed sides of the cabinets.

2. Use fillers between the cabinet run and the wall. A minimum 2" wide filler will take care of walls being out of square and ensure that doors and drawers can open without rubbing on the wall.

3. Toe skins and crown molding finish out the project. Toe skins cover the face of toe kick area on a cabinet run and make it look like a single cabinet unit was built. Crown molding and other optional mill-work pieces can be used to add detail to the project.