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A wardrobe closet layout can be remarkably straightforward. We typically arrange cabinets in a vertical stack, reaching the desired total height. It's advisable to leave a space between your cabinets and the ceiling; in our case, we've left a 6-inch gap, filled with an elegantly crafted crown molding package.

Starting from the left, the closet begins with a tall finished end panel, as this side is visible. End panels are essential for concealing the cabinet's exterior, which may otherwise display construction holes and mismatched materials (like maple in this instance). They're painted to match the front of the cabinets, ensuring a seamless look.

Our design includes a base and a single-hang wall cabinet, stacked together. This arrangement is highly versatile for hanging storage, offering substantial space for shirts and pants by utilizing the full height for two rows of stacked hangers.

Following this, we've placed a 2-door wall cabinet above a 3-drawer base cabinet, designed with equal height drawer fronts. The wall cabinet, tall and deep, provides ample adjustable shelf storage. The drawers beneath are wide and deep, adding a much-needed organizational element that enhances overall storage capacity.

My personal favorite in this layout is a combination starting with a 2-door wall cabinet, followed by a 2-door single hang cabinet, and ending with two 2-drawer base cabinets side by side. This section is particularly functional—the hangers are at an ideal height, and the drawers below are perfect for smaller items like undergarments and socks. The top wall cabinet is great for items used less frequently, such as seasonal clothing.

Lastly, there's a single door wall cabinet atop a tall hanging rod cabinet. This taller section is designed for longer items, like formal dresses and long jackets.

As seen in the lower images, the design allows for ample hanging space for shirts and pants. When the wall cabinet doors are open, you'll find a generous amount of shelving, ideal for storing folded clothes and various miscellaneous items that don't fit on hangers. The deep and wide drawers near the bottom of the wardrobe are perfect for items like socks and undergarments, accommodating different levels of organization and folding preferences. 😉