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1. Organize your parts for each cabinet. Cabinets are organized by cabinet #.
cabinet parts

2. Take your left and right unfinished end panels and lay them flat on the ground.
unfinished end panels

3. Apply the necessary cabinet hardware. The hinge plates have the screws already attached to the plate, just line them up and drive the screws into the pre-drilled holes.
hinge platescrew in hinge plate

Use a "System Screw" to attach the drawer slide to the unfinished end panel.
drawer slidescrew in the drawer slidehardware attached

4. Take the DECK and one of the unfinished end panels and align the faces as shown below.
align deck and end panel

Using the provided #3 Phillips Driver Bit, apply the "Confirmat" screws to firmly hold the pieces together. Repeat this process until both the left and right unfinished end panels are firmly attached to the deck.

confirmat screws
drive screws into the deck

5. Slide the standard back (STD BACK) into the slot (dado) at the rear of the cabinet.
slide back into the slot
the back is now in place

6. Find the one and only top stretcher with a slot on one side. The slot is used to hold the back in place. This top stretcher will be applied to the cabinet as shown below using Confirmat screws.
top stretcher alignapply screws to the stretcher

7. The rest is easy. Simply apply the nailers, front toe, drawer stretchers, and the remaining top stretcher to the cabinet where they fit.
align top stretcher
apply screws to the front stretcher

align the drawer stretcher
screw in the drawer stretcher

align the front toe kick
apply screws to the front toe kick

align nailersapply screws to the nailer

8.Apply adjustable shelf clips and then the adjustable shelf to the interior of the cabinet.apply adjustable shelf clips
install the adjustable shelf

9. Attach the doors and slide in the drawers.
clip on the hingesdrawer box undersidelide drawer box into the opening

10. Your cabinet is now completed.
Fully assembled RTA cabinet