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Cabinet Vision software catalog is no longer supported. Please see Chief Architect for an updated catalog:


"Cabinet vision is not required for designing with our cabinets. It is a fun way to design your project if you get used to this very powerful software, and it can have a bit of a learning curve to get the hang of it. As an alternative, most customers will use some graph paper and a scale (ruler) to figure out their cabinet layout, especially on smaller projects." -Chad Barker

Expectations you should have for this software:

1. This software will help you visualize the project prior to placing your order on This will not submit an order, nor will not give you a price for the order. This software will help determine the sizes needed and allow you to play around with our cabinets in a 3d environment, which is a lot of fun!

2. This software is not owned by Barker Cabinets. We have simply added our cabinet and material catalogs to the cabinet vision software. This allows you to layout your project with extreme accuracy as it is the same program we use in our office, albeit this is a "watered down" version.

3. This is a free trial version of Cabinet Vision. You will be required to register with Cabinet vision to start your 30 day free trial as a new customer of theirs. If you plan to use the program after your 30 free trial, then you will be able to subscribe to the software for only $49 per month (12 month minimum). We will be adding new and fun stuff to the catalog in the near future that will allow you to make some really cool layouts.

4. This software is still in its testing phase and is not guaranteed to work on your system. As always, install at your own risk.

5. If you have problems with installation. Please contact [email protected] for support.


Please note that this program will not work on a virtual machine (will not work on cloud based machines, google cloud, AWS, or Azure). You can install it, but the key server will not function and you will not be able to start the program.

  1. Sign up for a trail version of Cabinet vision (yes, you will need to give them your email and other info, we do not control this), then download the most current version of the Cabinet Vision trial software by following the steps listed at the link below. Be sure to install to the default directories, do not change those, otherwise our patch from #2 will not work.
  2. Once you are up and running on their trail version, install our patch as listed below. Install only one patch depending on which line you are looking to order from, we have two lines (Barker Cabinets, Barker Modern). This patch will install our catalog into the newly installed cabinet vision program from above.NO LONGER AVAILABLE, SEE NEW CHIEF ARCHITECT CATALOG.
  3. *note that this patch will overwrite the default files inside the cabinet vision database. You can switch between lines by installing each patch over the top of the other (overwriting).

  4. Once you are up and running, watch the videos below for a tutorial.


TROUBLESHOOTING (see here if you are having issues with the installation of the software)