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UPDATE 2-8-18 Cabinet Vision 11 with Barker Cabinets has just been released!

Cabinet Vision- 30 day Trial loaded with the Barker Cabinets catalog:

Cabinet vision is not required for designing with our cabinets. It is a fun way to design your project if you get used to this very powerful software, and it can have a bit of a learning curve to get the hang of it. As an alternative, most customers will use some graph paper and a scale (ruler) to figure out their cabinet layout, especially on smaller projects.

Expectations you should have for this software:

1. This software will help you visualize the project prior to placing your order on This will not submit an order. It will not give you a price for the order. This software will only help determine the sizes needed and allow you to play around with our cabinets in a 3d environment, which is a lot of fun!

2. This software is not owned by Barker Cabinets. We added our cabinet catalog to the cabinet vision software platform for quick installation on your home PC. Included, in this download is Cabinet Vision trial software loaded with our cabinet catalog.

3. This is a free trial version of Cabinet Vision. After installation you will be required to register with Cabinet vision to start your 30 day free trial. If you plan to use the program after your 30 free trial, then you will be able to subscribe to the software for only $49 per month. We will be adding new and fun stuff to the catalog in the near future that will allow you to make some really cool layouts.

3. This program will only work on a PC. If you have a MAC, then you will need to install a copy of Windows under the "BOOTCAMP" function for this program to work.

4. This software is still in its testing phase and is not guaranteed to work on your system. We have tested it extensively, but as always, install at your own risk.

5. If you have problems with installation, DO NOT contact Cabinet Vision. Please contact for support.

Now that all that has been stated, lets get started with Cabinet Vision! Click on the link below to download the software and begin installation.

DOWNLOAD- Cabinet Vision 11.10 with Barker Cabinets- core=11-6-18 catalog=2-8-18

If you have problems with installation, DO NOT contact Cabinet Vision. Please contact for support.


TROUBLESHOOTING (see here if you are having issues with the installation of the software)